Most people don’t enjoy getting wet in the rain or get sunburn in sunny days, that’s why we carry a large selection of different type of umbrellas for the whole family. The term of umbrella is use when protecting from the rain and parasol when protecting from the sunlight, but at the end of the day they are the same.

If you don’t like to carry big umbrellas we have compacts size, these are lightweight, they fit in your handbag and are strong enough to against strong wind. The largest umbrellas in our wholesale collection are the golf’s; the canopy is really big and covers two or three people and most of them have reinforced fiberglass shafts.

We carry inverted umbrellas also called reversible or upside down. These are so popular because its unique reverse opening mechanism perfect when getting out of the car in those rainy days so you will always stay dry. Do you prefer manual or automatic umbrella? We have both of them just scroll down our wholesale collection for women, kids and men.