Sample Orders


Guidelines for Purchasing Samples:

As a courtesy we will accept sample orders on our products. Sample orders must be placed over the phone and a 15% handling fee will be applied to each sample order. Shipping cost shall be at the customer’s expense. Shipping cost will be calculated based on actual weight, dimension of the package and distance. All sample orders will be shipped using the cheapest method unless otherwise advised.There will be no returns, exchanges or refunds allowed on sample orders. We will not accept any claims for damaged samples. This policy is strictly enforced. 
Sample Fee Example: Item PS1301 - $2.50 + $0.37 (15% Sample Fee) = $2.87

Orders Under Product Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Policy


Guidelines for Purchases under Product Order Quantity Minimum Amount:

As a courtesy to our customers, we will allow orders under our products minimum order quantity (MOQ) to be placed, with the addition of a 15% handling fee per product.  These orders must be placed over the phone or through email.  We will only waive the 15% handling fee for new customers on their first order. The cost of shipping will still be applied. 

Please contact our customer service department for more information.